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As coaches we certainly do not profess to know it all, that’s why we’ve enlisted the support of our wider network should our athletes need their support. This ranges from nutritionist, osteopath, a world champion masters athlete and GP. 

Mike & Lucy - APB.jpg

Lucy HerbeRt & Trevor Simmons

Sports massage, Lanzarote

Trevor & Lucy have over 35 years of clinical experience, with a wealth of knowledge in endurance sports, strength & conditioning, and rehabilitation. 

Mike Trees Headshot.jpg


Coach, UK / Japan

Mike is an ex-pro athlete and a coach to Olympic teams and athletes,  Mike's a 5 x Masters World Champion and previously held the British record for Ironman.

Dr Julian Bromly.png


Musculoskeletal medicine, UK

Julian has 30 years experience as a G.P. with a special interest in musculoskeletal medicine. He is interested in supporting athletes through episodes of physical & psychological illness.


+44 7882 310384

Thanks! We'll be in touch soon.

Ola Daniewska_edited.jpg

Ola Daniewska

Osteopath and Physiotherapist, UK

Ola is a dedicated Osteopath and Physiotherapist with over twelve years experience in healthcare and wellness. She has particular interest in sport medicine, movement rehabilitation and women's health issues.

Sam Patterson.jpg
david black+and+white.jpg



Sports therapist & masseur, UK

Nutritionist, UK

Sam set up Thera-p massage & sports injury clinic offering recovery, injury prevention and peak performance advice in South East London. He has worked at elite level in multiple sports.

David is one of the UK’s highest qualified sports nutritionists having recently completed the Olympic Committee Sports Nutrition Diploma. David combines  his sports nutrition career with personal training.

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