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~ Former Pro Triathlete & Olympic Coach ~

London, UK


Sports has been a central part of Mike's life for over 25-years and he never tires of discovering just how much we can achieve when focused on our goals. Whether you are looking to improve a personal best time or gain world ranking qualification, Mike can help you meet and exceed your goals and perform at your peak.

As an ex-professional athlete and a coach to olympic teams and athletes, he has a comprehensive knowledge of sports coaching and athletic physiology that will help you learn from his many experiences, be it in competition or recovering from injury (and avoiding injuries!).

Mike's sporting achievements include: 5 Masters World Championship titles (WMG 1,500m 2013 and WMA 10,000m 2004, ITU Sprint Triathlon 2012, ITU Aquathlon 2012 & 2013,). He is also the current British Masters all time mile record holder (M50). Previously Mike held the British record for Ironman (1994 Ironman Japan 8hours 52mins) and has 9 National Triathlon and Duathlon Championships (Britain and Japan 1991-2002).

Mike was Assistant Manager of the British Elite Triathlon Team 2005, he was also the Manager of the British Elite Duathlon Team 2008. Personal Coaching and Sports Consulting and University Lecturing, 1996-2001. Head coach of Triathlon Team Teikei, Japan, coaching many professional athletes including, Kiyomi Niwata (Olympian), Hirokatsu Tayama (Olympian), Chiharu Chiba, Masahiro Matsumaru (Japanese long distance triathlon champions). 1991-1996 Head coach of Triathlon Team Nicos (Coaching 3 national Champions).


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