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1. Choose your plan 
2. Get your consult
3. Start training 
Not quite looking for 1-1 coaching, but for a structured training guide on how to approach and take on a triathlon or a marathon, this maybe for you...

WHAT's included in our plans?

15% discount with our physiotherapy partners Central Health

Specific swim drills & tech advice. Access 20% off online courses from our swim partner, Effortless Swimming

12-16 week detailed training plan 

Strength, mobility & activation program

Nutritional advice for training and race day. Get 20% off the full range of nutrition from our partner, Veloforte

Advice on minimising and managing injuries

Options for ongoing feedback and support 

Need more of a personal touch? 

We offer a one off phone consultation with one of our coaches for with every plan, to book email us at and download your plan now!

Or, if you´ve already got a plan but would like tailor the plan better to you or you would like advice on how to approach your training and racing please just get in touch...


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