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Flexible training plans tailored to your lifestyle & racing goals.

Work outs are tailored around your background, life commitments, typical weekly schedule and your personalised race calendar.

Programs are adjusted & assessed for factors such as fatigue, travel and injury prevention and management on an ongoing basis.

Programs are sent on a weekly or bi-weekly basis via training peaks or via excel.

Injury prevention & management 

Injury prevention is the primary consideration of any training plan. APB have a wide network of physiotherapists and sports massage therapists we can reach out to if we need.

Running in particular can be a primal cause of injury and APB use a number of methods to manage the run volume and intensity in a safe and consistent way. 

Regular field testing to monitor progress & adjust training

Fitness is a moving target so regular testing is essential to not only establish a baseline but to monitor progress over time.


Whether you use WATTs, HR or perceived effort, APB can customise your training based on the metrics you have available to you. 

Contact with your coach

APB respects every person requires a different amount and means of communication with their coach.


APB are flexible on contact time and means, whether that be through face-face / email / phone call / WhatsApp or Skype. Whichever is best for you.

Technique analysis

Efficiency in our sport is key. APB analyse both run form and swim technique on an ongoing basis. This can be in person or via video link. We take the long view when technique is concerned.

Functional strength 

Triathlon is a strength aerobic sport and APB provide a progressive strength program that is tailored to your race schedule and individual needs. 

Detailed session descriptions

We believe simple is usually better. We aim to provide sessions that are easy to understand, provide reasoning as to there importance and periodise the plan so you are in great shape at the right moments.


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