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Getting the best out of yourself requires the expertise of a great team. APB provide a network of professionals with an athlete focused approach who will work together to maximise your potential.



Bike fitting is an essential component of triathlon performance. Not only does it optimise your position on the bike, it significantly reduces the chances of injury and of course your ability to run well off the bike. APB work closely with the fitter over time to ensure efficiency is maximised. 


Frequent massage is an essential preventative measure for a consistent training approach. Particularly as we get older and spend vast periods sitting down. APB have a network of highly respected therapists that we can refer and work together with on your behalf. We work with the therapist to manage any injury or area of concern.


Whether it be day to day nutritional advice to support the training load or specific race nutrition planning, APB can help. For the purpose of triathlon, nutrition, particularly for long course racing is the '4th element'. A well executed plan can make all the difference.

Health & 



The overall performance of an athlete is not always so simple, that's why having the ability to test and analyse areas such as blood values and gut fauna can offer a more in depth insight.


As we all know the mental side of the sport is an area we need to train too. APB prepare athletes mentally and physically for the demands of the event. This could be as simple as positive self talk, or if needed your dedicated psychologist to help you overcome more deep seated anxiety.


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