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Lesley Hibberd

~ Sports performance coach ~

London, UK


In the world of sport and exercise the mental aspect of performance is often overlooked and traditionally no thought has been given to the cognitive effect the mind plays in relation to an individual’s performance.  How many times has an athlete or coach put a bad performance down to ‘not being focused’, ‘my head was just not in the game’ or ‘I was not hungry enough’. Likewise, when you are ‘in the zone’ you feel like there is nothing you can’t achieve?   You spend countless hours training your body, improving your fitness getting everything physically right, but are you ‘missing’ something. Do you feel that sometimes you are getting in your own way? You cannot escape the mind-body connection, they are intrinsically linked. It does not matter if you are a world class athlete or waiting to run your first 5k, our achievements are important to us. This is where Lesley can help.

Lesley is a fully qualified and accredited cognitive hypnotherapist, having trained with the highly respected and renowned Quest Institute in London. Lesley is also a member of the National Council of Hypnotherapy, which is the governing body that oversees the profession. They have a strict code of ethics and if you have any fears please feel free to visit their web site.


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