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Ania Ruszkowski - age group triathlete & world championship competitor

Having entered triathlon late in my 40s I’ve never considered myself anything other than average. However, this changed through working with Colin. He has given me structure to my training, and inspired me to train in a way which has made me recognise that I can be above average.

Colin manages this through creating a clear step by step plan, which is achievable, enjoyable and doesn’t dominate life but fits flexibly around existing commitments. He always takes time to explain the rationale behind what I am doing and the expected outputs it will deliver. In addition he will support the plan with extra videos and information to help build on my understanding.

Colin doesn’t just deliver a plan, he is an on-going support, always approachable and available, offering great words of wisdom as well as inspiration, never overwhelming me and always making me feel like I’m doing well.

He has been instrumental in changing how I train, and leaves me looking forward to having one of my best seasons racing ever. Thank you!