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Richard Byford - marathon runner

Colin has been my long distance running coach and mentor since August 2014. I approached Colin after becoming frustrated with the stereotypical 'plateau' in my training and races.

We sat down to draw up some short term goals for the summer, which included a sub 40 minute 10km and sub 85 minute half marathon. In August I smashed my target by setting a time of 38:21 at the Brixton 10k, followed by a new PB of 38:01 at the Croydon 10k a month later. These performances set me up for a time of 84:05 at the Ealing Half Marathon in September 2014, shaving over 2 minutes off my previous time set only 6 months previously.

I am now in training for the Manchester Marathon on 19th April. Colin has installed a new found confidence in my running that should enable me to hit my target of the sub 3 hour marathon which has eluded me on the previous 3 occasions.

It's not only Colin's challenging (but rewarding) training philosophies which have helped me, it's Colin's personality which make him fun to work with. He tells you how it is and that's what I appreciate! Finally, Colin has provided me with some valuable strength and conditioning exercises which have been invaluable in improving my core/posture and injury prevention.