Triathlon and running coaching for all abilities

Oliver Bugge-Hunt - beginner Danish triathlete

I wanted to do triathlon and I had the possibility to move to Lanzarote so I took it. At the beginning I thought it would be an easy thing to do; some swimming, cycling and running. I soon realized that triathlon is a very complex sport and that I knew nothing about swimming or cycling and very little about running. I needed help. Fortunately I lived very close to Colin and Trevor in La Santa, Lanzarote. They both started helping me and organised my weekly training plans. Each session was very well described and they made sure I got the job done. Getting coached by Colin and Trevor was a great investment; my learning curve was steep and they made sure that I was always training in the most optimal way, so that I didn’t waste any time. I can only give them my highest recommendation. They really helped me to get through my first year as a triathlete, achieving good results as an age grouper, but most importantly, having fun and staying injury free!