Triathlon and running coaching for all abilities

Simon Pathmanathan – age group triathlete & multiple Ironman

I approached Colin after 2 seasons of Ironman racing, doing the same training and getting the same results. I had come within 5 seconds of the 12hr mark but was struggling to go any faster. Having been heavily involved in setting up a new business and with a lot of demands for my personal time I was also struggling to find the time to train and recover properly.

Colin showed me new approaches to not only each individual discipline and the way that I trained for them, but also the way in which each sport interacts with the other at various times of the year. The net result was that I spent if anything, less time training, but the quality of the sessions were higher and allowed for more recovery after. At the end of the year in a hot and hilly IM Majorca I finally broke 12hrs (even with a few mistakes).

Apart from a sound knowledge base in all the disciplines, having travelled the same path in terms of training around a full time job he understands the pressures and time restraints. What is also abundantly clear working with Colin is his enthusiasm for both running and multi sport in general that is positively infectious. I have personally recommended him to two of my clients who are triathletes and whom he now coaches - not something I would have done unless I was 110% happy with his services. Great guy - thoroughly recommended if you are serious about improving.