Triathlon and running coaching for all abilities

Matt Walton - age group triathlete and Ironman

Colin’s approach to coaching is very hands on, personal, and tailored to the needs of the individual. His enthusiasm and passion for the sport is clear for all to see, and his expert guidance, drawing from his own training and racing experiences has been invaluable in my continual development as an athlete and person.

What Colin’s coaching provides is not only a functional training plan of sessions and workouts, but a means of teaching the individual athlete to recognise how their body is feeling, which training patterns work well or not so well, and that with a lot of hard work and application, there is no limit on what can be achieved. He is always available to revise and adapt my training plan depending on how I’m feeling/other life commitments, as well as offer advice and answer any questions that may arise. The most important thing for me personally, however, is that training remains fun and doesn’t become a chore. Training with Colin is never a chore! Yes, it hurts, but I always finish my sessions with a stupid grin on my face, feeling like I’ve achieved something.

I can’t recommend Colin and APB... Coaching Works highly enough. Colin is a very approachable guy who genuinely wants to help people achieve and improve, no matter what their background or level of athletic ability.

After working with Colin for around 5 months now, not only have I become a faster and stronger athlete, but, more importantly, I have become a much wiser athlete.