Triathlon and running coaching for all abilities

Rachel Hyatt - complete triathlon novice, mid-40's, mother of four

Colin took me under his wing and coached me to a point where I managed to complete my first 70.3 triathlon in Austria last August.

He supported me through injury, illness and even gave advice the day before my race when British Airways failed to transport my bike on the same plane as me!

He provides challenging and varied training plans, regular face to face meetings over a coffee and limitless help via text and phone.

A great coach.

Andy Bowler - age group duathlete & world championship competitor

I have been competing in duathlon and triathlon for four years and having competed in my first age group duathlon event at the European Championships in 2013 wanted to maximise my potential in the sport. Colin was personally recommended to me by a club colleague.

Colin has provided me with structure to my training plan which is varied, challenging and most importantly fun. It includes active recovery and rest periods which are vital to me, having experienced a season out of the sport due to fatigue caused by excessive training and racing.

APB’s training schedule follows a clear step by step plan, which is achievable, enjoyable and fits in around my work and other commitments. Regular conversation with Colin together with additional training info and analysis supplements the training program.

Colin doesn’t just deliver and update training schedules; he provides on-going support and is always approachable and available. He has provided me with a whole new way to train which is producing significant performance improvements. I finished in the top half of my age group for the first time in the short course duathlon world championship in Australia in 2015 despite a prior injury.

Roll on 2016 and many thanks Colin & the APB team.

Simon Pathmanathan – age group triathlete & multiple Ironman

I approached Colin after 2 seasons of Ironman racing, doing the same training and getting the same results. I had come within 5 seconds of the 12hr mark but was struggling to go any faster. Having been heavily involved in setting up a new business and with a lot of demands for my personal time I was also struggling to find the time to train and recover properly.

Colin showed me new approaches to not only each individual discipline and the way that I trained for them, but also the way in which each sport interacts with the other at various times of the year. The net result was that I spent if anything, less time training, but the quality of the sessions were higher and allowed for more recovery after. At the end of the year in a hot and hilly IM Majorca I finally broke 12hrs (even with a few mistakes).

Apart from a sound knowledge base in all the disciplines, having travelled the same path in terms of training around a full time job he understands the pressures and time restraints. What is also abundantly clear working with Colin is his enthusiasm for both running and multi sport in general that is positively infectious. I have personally recommended him to two of my clients who are triathletes and whom he now coaches - not something I would have done unless I was 110% happy with his services. Great guy - thoroughly recommended if you are serious about improving.

Matt Walton - age group triathlete and Ironman

Colin’s approach to coaching is very hands on, personal, and tailored to the needs of the individual. His enthusiasm and passion for the sport is clear for all to see, and his expert guidance, drawing from his own training and racing experiences has been invaluable in my continual development as an athlete and person.

What Colin’s coaching provides is not only a functional training plan of sessions and workouts, but a means of teaching the individual athlete to recognise how their body is feeling, which training patterns work well or not so well, and that with a lot of hard work and application, there is no limit on what can be achieved. He is always available to revise and adapt my training plan depending on how I’m feeling/other life commitments, as well as offer advice and answer any questions that may arise. The most important thing for me personally, however, is that training remains fun and doesn’t become a chore. Training with Colin is never a chore! Yes, it hurts, but I always finish my sessions with a stupid grin on my face, feeling like I’ve achieved something.

I can’t recommend Colin and APB... Coaching Works highly enough. Colin is a very approachable guy who genuinely wants to help people achieve and improve, no matter what their background or level of athletic ability.

After working with Colin for around 5 months now, not only have I become a faster and stronger athlete, but, more importantly, I have become a much wiser athlete. 

Rob Felgate - age group triathlete

Colin has been invaluable to me; his expertise has been second to none.

We have been working together for a year. Colin helped me achieve my goals last season at Olympic distance triathlon, and we are now working towards next season where I have signed up for three 70.3 races already.

We’ve got to know one another and Colin writes a plan to fit the requirements of my lifestyle. I have learned that his specific sessions are tailor-made for very good reason. As a result I have complete faith in Colin and when he advises me to rest, I now listen! I know that, come May 17, which is the race day in Majorca, I will be grateful to have invested in Colin's knowledge and expertise. Overall we have become close and it's been a great experience to have someone to train with. 


Pavel Drastik - from Ironman to sub 3hr marathon and lifelong friendship

Prior to racing the Lanzarote Ironman in May 2014, I only had a mountain bike background, a vague idea about running and no idea about swimming. I was confident in the water – albeit on my surfboard! I travelled from Norway, where I was working as a surf instructor to Lanzarote to complete a huge goal of mine – the Lanzarote Ironman. Little did I know what was in store for me! Fortunately, after only a few weeks in the village of La Santa, Lanzarote I met Colin and Trevor who couldn’t have been more helpful and generous. After just a few weeks Colin and Trevor took me under their wing and my crash course apprenticeship started.

My biking background gave me a good head start on the bike training and my running improved dramatically with Colin and Trevor’s guidance. My swimming, however, was the main challenge; I could barely swim a length without being out of breath. I joined Colin and Trevor on their weekly open water swims and improved rapidly with their guidance – and patience!

I completed the Lanzarote Ironman, with a 1hr 3min swim, unthinkable 5 months previous and with the help of Colin and Trevor, I fulfilled my dream. APB gave me faith and confidence, and in the following months after the Ironman I finished the season with a sub 3 hour marathon.

Ania Ruszkowski - age group triathlete & world championship competitor

Having entered triathlon late in my 40s I’ve never considered myself anything other than average. However, this changed through working with Colin. He has given me structure to my training, and inspired me to train in a way which has made me recognise that I can be above average.

Colin manages this through creating a clear step by step plan, which is achievable, enjoyable and doesn’t dominate life but fits flexibly around existing commitments. He always takes time to explain the rationale behind what I am doing and the expected outputs it will deliver. In addition he will support the plan with extra videos and information to help build on my understanding.

Colin doesn’t just deliver a plan, he is an on-going support, always approachable and available, offering great words of wisdom as well as inspiration, never overwhelming me and always making me feel like I’m doing well.

He has been instrumental in changing how I train, and leaves me looking forward to having one of my best seasons racing ever. Thank you!

Richard Byford - marathon runner

Colin has been my long distance running coach and mentor since August 2014. I approached Colin after becoming frustrated with the stereotypical 'plateau' in my training and races.

We sat down to draw up some short term goals for the summer, which included a sub 40 minute 10km and sub 85 minute half marathon. In August I smashed my target by setting a time of 38:21 at the Brixton 10k, followed by a new PB of 38:01 at the Croydon 10k a month later. These performances set me up for a time of 84:05 at the Ealing Half Marathon in September 2014, shaving over 2 minutes off my previous time set only 6 months previously.

I am now in training for the Manchester Marathon on 19th April. Colin has installed a new found confidence in my running that should enable me to hit my target of the sub 3 hour marathon which has eluded me on the previous 3 occasions.

It's not only Colin's challenging (but rewarding) training philosophies which have helped me, it's Colin's personality which make him fun to work with. He tells you how it is and that's what I appreciate! Finally, Colin has provided me with some valuable strength and conditioning exercises which have been invaluable in improving my core/posture and injury prevention.

Oliver Bugge-Hunt - beginner Danish triathlete

I wanted to do triathlon and I had the possibility to move to Lanzarote so I took it. At the beginning I thought it would be an easy thing to do; some swimming, cycling and running. I soon realized that triathlon is a very complex sport and that I knew nothing about swimming or cycling and very little about running. I needed help. Fortunately I lived very close to Colin and Trevor in La Santa, Lanzarote. They both started helping me and organised my weekly training plans. Each session was very well described and they made sure I got the job done. Getting coached by Colin and Trevor was a great investment; my learning curve was steep and they made sure that I was always training in the most optimal way, so that I didn’t waste any time. I can only give them my highest recommendation. They really helped me to get through my first year as a triathlete, achieving good results as an age grouper, but most importantly, having fun and staying injury free!

Alan Horwood - marathon runner

Having known Trevor for a number of years I am sure my observations are shared by a long list of athletes ranging from the elite to the non-professional like myself. As a client, I can use my personal experiences to endorse the following fundamental facts to prospective new clients. Irrespective of one's position on the 'talent scale', Trevor gives his undisputed wealth of experience in treating sports injuries, coaching advice and genuine encouragement to each and every one of his clients no matter their sporting ability.

Clare Elms - runner, triathlete & world record holder

I was very lucky to have Trevor recommended to me many years ago. He is a real expert, hardworking, thorough, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, motivating and very loyal. Using his experience from his very successful running background and excellent massage skills, he has an amazing feel for the muscles, so is able to maintain and prevent injuries from developing. I have achieved success at a high level, which means I push my body in training and racing, so a regular sports massage is absolutely vital! I recommend Trevor one hundred percent, he has made such a difference to me during my running and triathlon career. He has definitely helped me to achieve my goals and I will always be grateful to him!

Clare Elms (Bio):

  • Won outright approximately 400 races since 2006
  • W50 World Sprint Triathlon Champ 2013
  • World Indoors Champion 2014 - 800m,1500M, and 3k
  • World record holder indoors 800m 1500m and the mile
  • World record holder outdoors 1500m 

Ann Juliano, leading up to her first Ironman South Africa 2012


Thank you for all the words of wisdom and muscular repair over the past two weeks. It comes across in your work and attitude that you genuinely care about your clients - from my perspective it makes a huge difference. I really appreciated all the positive support and needed it as much as the massage itself. The last two weeks have been an unbelievable journey, thank you for playing such an important role in it.

Best of luck with everything you do and I hope to see you soon!

Best wishes, Ann Juliano