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Lanzarote training block

Back to the rock again! I really felt privileged to be out in Lanzarote again, especially in the height of winter back home. I was also conscious not to send pictures to friends of us in shorts drinking coffee outside – however tempting! We rented an apartment in La Santa from my good friend Debbie who runs the ‘Ver De Mar’ restaurant in the village (a must visit by the way!), and after a whip around we stocked up (mainly on pasta) and settled in for 3 weeks of training. By this time I knew every bakery on the island, a must for those long rides. My good friends Ben Cockburn and Sam Wattie shared the apartment (and the cooking). I had around 30 hours per week training scheduled with a primary focus of bike strength and swim / run maintenance. One key session of the week involved an intense gym session, including core stability, metabolic conditioning or circuits followed by single and double leg press. Next was a 3hr ride with 1hr at 70.3 pace (around 300WATTS) followed by a 60min run (30min at race pace and 30min easy recovery). I was feeling strong and was managing 4-5hr rides at around 240-250WATT. I got checked over by Jamie and had a couple of treatments from Trevor at the Clinic during this time. Things were going well, we even got Vince Cooke a local professional photographer to capture some of our sessions 

With just a week of the camp to go I started to get stomach cramps, I first noticed this on our long coastal run to the beach of Famara when I had to walk back because of the pain. The stomach cramps continued for a good 4 days and stopped me from sleeping. I couldn’t train and being surrounded by exercise freaks just frustrated me more! I first thought it was a bug my girlfriend Emily had given me (I apologise) and I assumed id be better soon – and get my sense of humour back!