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If you get your appendix out. DO NOT LAUGH!

After the severity of the cramps subsided, I had a recovery week where I took it easy with just an hour of easy aerobic exercise per day. I built up to a 5km easy swim with the club Thursday but I still didn’t feel right! Then on the Friday evening after dinner my cramps became more and more severe to the point where I couldn’t get out of bed. After a good 5 hours of pain, Emily called NHS direct and in I went to A&E. It was confirmed – I had appendicitis. I hadn’t been to hospital since I could remember so all the procedures seemed very new to me. The doctors were nonchalant as ever – it seemed like a big deal to me! A few mates came to visit, which was great – although laughing killed!!

There I was, fit as a fiddle, laid out unable to peel an orange. Shit I thought. My season!!